Pain Management Program

Effective pain management

Chronic pain is a significant health issue for the elderly, causing discomfort and distress and severely impacting quality of life. Chronic pain is extremely common in the older generation with current estimates suggesting that 60-83% of people living in residential aged care are affected. Sadly it is also an often under-diagnosed problem. This is where we can help…

Our effective strategies to identify chronic pain and implement proactive, evidence based care plans significantly improve the quality of life for residents. Reduced pain means better mood, less sleep disturbance, a decreased need for pain medication, lower risk of falls, and more social interaction.

Diagnosing chronic pain

Chronic pain is often under-diagnosed in the elderly because seniors often don’t reveal their discomfort to family members, facility staff and health practitioners. Seniors may dismiss their pain as:

“I have tried all forms of treatment and nothing works”

“It’s too late now to try anything”

“I’ll just put up with it”

“I don’t want to be a burden on you”

Diagnosing chronic pain is even more difficult when residents are cognitively impaired or suffering dementia. In all cases, chronic pain may present itself in a number of ‘non-verbal signs of pain’ such as:

  • Sleep disturbance
  • Depression
  • Social withdrawal
  • Increased pain medication usage
  • Increased falls risk
  • Altered mood patterns

Pain Management Wellness Program

HCA Allied Health’s Pain Management Wellness Program is an effective, documented process. Following a proven plan, our physios identify residents with chronic pain, assesses their individual needs and put in place clinical interventions to manage pain.

The program is monitored and audited by HCA Allied Health and is eligible for ACFI funding.