No More Falls Program

Our No More Falls Program is a thorough five step program, designed to significantly reduce the risk of falls and injuries for care facility residents and staff. Our physiotherapists work side-by-side with staff to assess, address and monitor safety issues throughout the facility.

Program outline

Step 1: Analysis

Our physiotherapists conduct an in-depth study of the facility’s current falls policies and procedures.

Step 2: Assessment

We use evidence-based assessment tools and processes to evaluate the risk of falls for every resident in the facility.

Step 3: Education

Our physiotherapists conduct one-on-one and/or group education sessions for residents, family members and staff, using visual aids and practical demonstrations.

Step 4: Implementation

We implement evidence-based safety strategies based on the specific needs of the facility. These may include:

  • Risk assessment and review schedules
  • Accurate reporting systems
  • Group/ individual exercises designed to improve balance, strength and awareness, in order to prevent falls or rehabilitate after falls
  • Multi-disciplinary management and interventions
  • Quality improvement systems
  • Development of a falls prevention culture

Step 5: Monitoring  

Our team establish a tracking system for all future falls. An in-depth analysis of each event will then take place using reporting and multi- disciplinary management.

This ongoing and united approach to reducing falls can significantly decrease their occurrence.