Pilates for seniors with an aged care physio

Pilates for seniors with an aged care physio

Do you or a family member suffer from ongoing, persistent pain such as back or hip pain?  Has this pain been ongoing for the last 5 years or longer? Perhaps, not suitable to undergo surgery? Well Pilates could be the treatment to get rid of that terrible lingering pain!

What to expect? A physiotherapist trained in Pilates will assess your problem area by asking some questions and doing a few simple tests. They will then prescribe exercises specific to your condition – this is known as Clinical Pilates. These exercises are very basic and involve repeated low intensity movements.  Exercises can be carried out on floor mats on machines called reformers, or even sitting in your chair.

Some of the exercise incorporate stretches, strengthening and breathing control. All exercises are pain free and can have immediate effects on your pain and function. Your physio should provide you with a program to do at home in between Pilates sessions. As you improve, exercises are progressed under instructions by your physiotherapist.

Pilates when carried out by a professional is a very safe, low intensity exercise. Pilates is often carried out in a small group setting which many people find fun and enjoyable and make part of their weekly routine.

As well as curing chronic pain, Pilates has many other benefits such as improving balance, strength, and mobility. Tasks that you may find difficult such as walking, stairs or getting off a low chair can greatly be improved with these exercises.  It can also be used to prevent injury or for rehab after surgery such as a hip replacement.

Remember, Pilates is for everyone of any age.   Even if you are a beginner, exercises can be modified for all levels.  I cannot recommend it enough, It’s never too late to see the benefits of Pilates and exercise.

Jeremy Kestenberg

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