A good news story…

A good news story…

In light of the constantly changing world we now find ourselves in, we thought it was time to share a #goodnewsstory. It’s our story.

Our team has been in an ‘all hands on-deck’ mode in order to work with government rulings and working closely with our clients to protect the elderly. To date, our team of highly trained allied health professionals has shown in times of great adversity, just how integral they are to the care and protection of the most vulnerable groups of our community.

Our People and Culture Team have a strong focus on simply taking care of our staff by ensuring all clinicians feel supported and valued. 

Our Therapy Coordination team are working closely with facilities, staff and management at every level to ensure that care is consistently administered in the safest way possible. 

Finally, our Recruiters have been inundated with applications to join our team as clinicians are needed now more than ever to support the community! 

Our team is currently working across multiple clinical sectors including aged care, hospitals, community and private practice to ensure that all Australians have regular access to high quality clinicians.

Thank you team, we are so proud.

Jeremy Kestenberg

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